Sales of Robotics Game Art

We sell robotics game art to commemorate the game. The most common expression of our art is seen from a birds-eye view that commemorates the yearly robotics games. We typically sell this art as imprints on shirts and posters, but also produce custom products upon consultation with clients. We provide onsite sales at a limited number of robotics events during the competition season.

Bulk Orders & Fundraising

We work with parents, mentors and event partners to provide our products in bulk at a discounted rate. We have two discounted bundles: (1) Club Pack -12 game shirts for your team, sponsors and leadership, (2) Competition Pack -25 game shirts to be used as a fundraiser at your competition. The club nets $10/shirt and it is easy to add them to your concession sales.

Consultation Services

We also serve as consultants for organizations looking for support in designing a VEX Robotics Competition or VEX IQ Challenge event. We have years of experience in designing local, state and national competitions in both traditional and unique venues. Please contact us for more information.